Miriam Cieslar – Tour Guide

Miriam Ciesler grew up in a small village located in southern Poland. Her parents discovered their Jewish identity after they were married and decided to raise their six children as Jews. Miriam embraced the idea of living in Israel where a better education and a safer Jewish life awaited her. Miriam is a talented violinist, in Israel she joined the Yemin Orde choir and performed with them in the United States. She served in the Israel Defense Forces as a commander and educator working with new immigrant soldiers. Today, Miriam is working for Masa Israel as a guide and educator for young people from around the world.

Margalit Frydman – Tour Guide

Margalit FrydmanMargalit Frydman has worked as a tour guide for the last 30 years. She has a B.A. from Hebrew University in Jewish history and Archaeology and an Masters of Ars in Land of Israel studies in Bar Ilan University. She finished the SPNI guiding course in 1984 and the Ministry of tourism guiding course in 1996

Her favorite topics are the Second Temple period and nature. She loves guiding and teaching about Israel; combining sources with hands on experience – including music and art.

Margalit is skilled at working with multi-age groups and connecting people to Israel.

Margalit is also an accomplished artist.