Einat Kapach – Movie Director and Lecturer

Film Director and Lecturer

A graduate of the prestigious film school “Maale “, with an MA from the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem, Einat Kapach is the director of a number of films, including the documentary “My Legacies” (2011), “Rav Papa” (2016), and “At the End of a Long Day” – which won the “Minister of Education Prize for Creators in the Field of Jewish Culture” (2009). She has also directed and produced of a series of videos – When Heaven & Earth Touch (2010) on charitable organizations in Israel and the United States.

A talented film professional, Einat has participated in numerous festivals both in Israel and overseas. She has been an active participant in the Jerusalem Film Festival, the Golden Horse Festival in Taiwan, Tel Aviv Student Film Festival, Israeli Week in Bonn, Germany, Sukkawa Festival in Japan, and many others.

Today, Einat both teaches at Maale and also works in its Department of Public Relations promoting the important cultural work that it is doing in Israel as a Jewish, religious film school. She also continues to write, direct, produce and lecture at venues around the world.

Barak Malichi – Musician, Producer, Songwriter and Teacher

Barak Malichi is a professional guitarist and bassist. He has worked in music and informal education since the army, with organizations such as Birthright and “NFTY Israel”, where he worked with Americans in Poland, Prague and Israel, strengthening their ties to Judaism and to Israel. He worked as songleader for the Jewish Agency. He also works for the organization Acharai. After the army Malichi decided to enter the world of music and learn musical production. He studied at the BPM College in Tel Aviv and set up his own recording studio in his home. Due to his expertise and experience the college asked Malichi to come back and teach. Today Milichi writes and produces music and records various artists, as well as teaches guitar.