OTS Amiel BaKehila Hits the Ground Running – Our First Delegation to Poland

“I am a Rabbi in this community, and I am very aware of the importance of your coming here. Words are important and are good, but your music has opened something in our hearts that is beyond what we have here in this community.” So said Rabbi David Szychowski, the Rabbi of Lodz to Mishael Dickman, a talented guitarist and keyboardist who joined the very first OTS Amiel BaKehila delegation to Poland this year. Continue reading “OTS Amiel BaKehila Hits the Ground Running – Our First Delegation to Poland”

Barak Malichi – Musician, Producer, Songwriter and Teacher

Barak Malichi is a professional guitarist and bassist. He has worked in music and informal education since the army, with organizations such as Birthright and “NFTY Israel”, where he worked with Americans in Poland, Prague and Israel, strengthening their ties to Judaism and to Israel. He worked as songleader for the Jewish Agency. He also works for the organization Acharai. After the army Malichi decided to enter the world of music and learn musical production. He studied at the BPM College in Tel Aviv and set up his own recording studio in his home. Due to his expertise and experience the college asked Malichi to come back and teach. Today Milichi writes and produces music and records various artists, as well as teaches guitar.

Ianir Kilinsky – Musician

Ianir Kalinsky – Intrumentalist

Ianir Kilinski was born in Israel but at the age of four moved to Argentina with his family. There he spent his childhood and adolescence, and it was there his love for music began. In his travels around the world he learned to play exotic instruments, which he uses in his repertoire.

On a personal level, Yanir went through an internal search process in places like the Far East, African tribes and even Islam. Until he finally returned home to Judaism, here in the Land of Israel.

Ianir now lives with his family in the city of Harish, performs concerts for Jewish shows in Israel and abroad, publishes successful albums and teaches music in local schools.

Asi Tsobel – Actor, Writer, Children’s TV program producer

Asi Tsobel was born and raised in Kiryat Ata, Israel. He went to Kfar HaRoeh Bnei AKiva Highschool where he majored in communications. He studied at Shilo Yeshiva as part of the Hesder program before beginning his army service. In 2002-2003 Asi studied acting at the Aspaklaria Theatre School for Acting. Asi then spent two years in Detroit, working within the Jewish community.

When he returned to Israel he studied at Ma’ale – School of Television, Film and arts. In 2010 his final project, the movie “Stand Up”, a dramatic comedy, won first place the International Movie Festival in Haifa and the Adjudicators’ Award in Italy.

In 2007 Asi started editing children’s TV  and started working  with actor Tuvia Rosenfeld. Together they created the popular children’s program Asi & Tuvia. Today Asi is the editor in chief and director of the TV station that produced and aired his program. He has written, directed and produced many different popular children’s programs since.