Limor Amir – Medical Clown

 Limor Amir is an educational counselor, theater teacher, director, actress and medical clown.

She has a B.A in Special Education, an M.A. in Educational Counseling

and is certified in directing and acting, drama therapy and humor therapy.Limor has more than 30 years experience in the educational system. She gives lectures on humor and gives workshops to audiences of various ages and to special needs populations.Limor’s speaks Hebrew (mother tongue) as well as English. She has charisma, humor, and extensive experience in how to communicate with audiences.

C.J. Glass – Musician

Best known for his performances on The Voice: Israel, Season 3, C.J. Glass is originally from Ithaca, New York. He graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from Ithaca College in May 2005. During and after his college studies, C.J. had the unique opportunity of working with the production department of Jazz at Lincoln Center, bringing him into contact with such luminaries as Wynton Marsalis.

C.J. Glass -Musician

C.J. moved to New York City in 2005. While living in New York, C.J. worked for The American Federation of Musicians, earned a Master of Arts in Jazz Studies from Queens College, performed at The Blue Note and The Iridium jazz clubs with The Adam Ramsay – C.J. Glass Quintet, and was a featured performer with numerous Jewish music groups. One of his main formative experiences during this time was a period of weekly jam and tentet arrangement reading sessions at the house of the late, legendary vibraphonist, Teddy Charles.

Aside from music, C.J. co-authored the Jewish religious school textbook Torah Toons I with Joel Lurie Grishaver and has appeared on televised episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent and SVU. He has also appeared in the movies Holy RollersThe Shmorg: II, and Megillas Lester, as the voice of Menashe.

In 2013, C.J. became an Israeli citizen. Even before performing on The Voice, C.J. began teaching at Mizmor School: Givat Washington. He was also invited to join the faculty of Akadma: The City Conservatory of Ashdod, where he teaches trombone, bass guitar, and a beginning jazz ensemble. C.J. Glass holds down the guitar chair of The Jazz Pipes, the official jazz orchestra of Modi’in, Israel.

A Chuppah in Lodz

You’re never too old for new beginnings.

Our second delegation to Poland had the opportunity and the honor of attending a wedding during their visit in Lodz.

This wedding was no ordinary wedding.

The couple in question are now in their eighties and this is their second time getting married (to each other) – but their first Jewish wedding.

The story does not begin (or end) here.

The story begins with the parents of the groom who had survived and escaped from the concentration camps. The couple found refuge and were taken in and hidden from the Nazis by a young Polish family who had a baby girl named Stanya. This family succeeded in keeping the Shneiatkovitz’ presence a secret from the Nazis at great risk to their own lives. Years later, Leshek (Leib) Shneiatkovitz, the son of these two survivors went to work and met a girl named Stanya. As they began to talk, they realized there was a special connection between them: Her family had saved his. The two eventually married and continued to live their lives in Poland as part of the Jewish community. Even though she was not Jewish, she was an active part of the Jewish life and activity there. Now, many years later, Stanya (Chaya), decided to officially convert, and the couple decided to remarry in a Jewish ceremony.

Our delegation were on hand for this momentous occasion, and were able not only to be a part of the celebrations but also take part in its preparations. Geula Twersky and Miriam Ceislar helped decorate the chuppa, and Rav Boaz Pash officiated at the wedding of this special couple.

OTS Amiel BaKehila wishes the happy couple many more years together in health and happiness.