Yahav Kriti – Chef

Chef Yahav Kriti has always loved both performing and food. During a stint as a entertainer in Eilat, he found himself following the chef trying to learn as much as he could. It was then that he decided to combine his two great passions: showmanship and food.

Yahav never wanted to be a chef hidden in the kitchen without any connection to his customers or diners. So, after training to in the Culinary Arts at the Tadmor School in Tel Aviv, he created “Chef on Wheels” – (“Chef al Galgalim“) – which travels around Israel and the world bringing fun, tasty culinary events to large and small groups. His events mix humor with culinary expertise and interactivity, creating a fun and exciting experience for all.

Gidon Amir – Chef

Gidon Amir is a graduate of the cooking school “Tadmor” and has worked as a professional chef for over 11 years. He worked as the Head Chef in the Gush Etzion Winery Restaurant for many years and for  “Kerem Tamar”  Events Hall.  In the last year,  Gidon has started his own business doing cooking courses and events for smaller groups all around Israel.  He lives in Efrat, in the hills of Judea, with his wife and five girls.