Sarit Gizbar – Art Educator

Sarit Gizbar, a creative soul, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Jewish Studies and a Master’s Degree in Educational Counseling.

Sarit works at different Colleges, teaching both students and teachers, diverse and creative learning methods using visual texts and personal creativity.

Sarit designs learning environments in schools in Israel and develops curricula.

In her capacity as director of the Division for Jewish Culture, she advises, develops and produces Jewish cultural events in various environments: museums, galleries, music shows and literature, cultural events in the spirit of Judaism to different audiences.

Sarit has tutored on the topic of Jewish tradition to counselors and teachers and locals in the former Soviet Union.

She headed the Beit Midrash for Creative Jewish work.

In her sessions, Sarit teaches how to express your deepest internal personality. Her sessions include:

  • Experiential learning from the Jewish books
  • Using visual and tangible texts
  • Working in creating artwork as a follow up to the learning session
  • Activities for different, inter- generational audiences, from preschool to senior …


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