Daniel Brill – Social Media Activist and Beatboxer

Daniel Brill, originally from London,  is also Swiss,  lived for a short  while in the US and now resides in Israel. Coming from a background in Finance, Daniel went on to pursue studies in Jewish Education at Yeshiva University. It is there where he developed his communication skills, as well as his love for engaging people on Jewish topics and Israel. Daniel is also a professional Beatboxer, and have taught and performed in the UK, France, Switzerland, US and Israel. he firmly believes music opens doors that remain locked by other things.

Ianir Kilinsky – Músico-יניר קילינסקי – מוזיקאי

Ianir Kalinsky – Intrumentalist

Ianir Kilinski was born in Israel but at the age of four moved to Argentina with his family. There he spent his childhood and adolescence, and it was there his love for music began. In his travels around the world he learned to play exotic instruments, which he uses in his repertoire.

On a personal level, Yanir went through an internal search process in places like the Far East, African tribes and even Islam. Until he finally returned home to Judaism, here in the Land of Israel.

Ianir now lives with his family in the city of Harish, performs concerts for Jewish shows in Israel and abroad, publishes successful albums and teaches music in local schools.

Shlomo Abramson – Musician

Shlomo Abramson was born in the U.S. in 1985.  His family made Aliyah in 1986 and he grew up in Ramot in Jerusalem.  Shlomo has five brothers and one sister. He was raised in a house full of music and started playing guitar in high-school after taking piano lessons for most of his childhood.  His older brother, Naftali, began playing music seriously which paved the way for his younger brother. Inspired by a wide range of genres from Shlomo Carlebach to The Shins, Shlomo’s clear and melodious voice in tandem with his keen ear and musical gift have shaped him into a true artist.

Shlomo and his friend Udi Wertzberger formed “The Footsteps” and recorded their first album entitled Lech Lecha before entering into the army in 2005.  His army service, where he took part in the second Lebanon war, was the inspiration for many of his songs on his second album, including the cover song Chalomot and Sim Shalom.

After his army service, Shlomo married a new Olah from America, Nechama Abramson.  Shlomo and Nechama have 2 kids, Yehela and Ilan.  Shlomo got his degree in Optometry from Hadassah College and works as an optometric vision therapist at Lederman Vision in Jerusalem.  Shlomo sings in 2 wedding bands- Shovrey Hakosot and Naftali Abramson– and performs with Itzhak Meir and friends 

Pianist, Trombonist and Musical Director Itamar Shiloh

After serving in the Kfir brigade of the IDF, Itamar Shiloh studied music at Mizmor, the only religious Advanced School for Music in Israel. An accomplished pianist and trombonist, Itamar teaches at Mizmor and is the musical director of “Hachalutzim” – a musical ensemble which combines traditional Israeli classics with current music trends. He has performed on a number of Israeli albums and tours with musicians regularly.