Nati (Natan) Malachi – Producer

Nati Malachi – Producer

Born in Israel, Nati is an expert in Jewish Tourism around the world and in Israel. He is the owner of the production company “Nati Hafakot” and the executive producer of the TV documentary show “Worldwide Jew” (Yehudi Olami). The series presents different exotic and small Jewish communities around the world. He is an experienced lecturer on Jewish communities around the world, including subjects such as the “Jewish Pirates” and the “Jews of the Amazon”.

Nati also lectures about the fall of the Jewish Quarter during Israel’s War of Independence, in which talks about Jewish Heroism.

Nati also organizes Kosher cruises around the Mediterranean Sea and is an expert event organizer.

Na’ama Meir – Puppeteer/Actress

Naama Meir -Puppeteer/Actress

Na’ama Meir is a mother of four, as well as an actress, a puppeteer, a medical clown, a storyteller and an alternative medicine practitioner at the Center for Natural Healing in Gush Etzion.

She founded the Freckles Theater, and performs throughout the country in dozens of libraries, community centers and kindergartens.

Today, she teaches courses and puppet workshops together with the show “Make It a Story” for parents and educators. This puppet show deals with growth through crisis and the healing power of stories and drama.


Avishai Shitrit -Puppeteer/Actor

Avishai Shitrit – Puppeteer/Actor

Avishai Sheetrit is a puppeteer, actor, narrator and television personality in Israel. Avishai operates puppets for a number of children’s programs in Israel, including “Pulka the Turkey”, the puppet on the popular religious children’s television program “Assi and Tuvia”, as well as “Chadga” the goat. He has performed in a number of different musical and theatrical performances, as well as in his own one-man shows and puppeting demonstration for both adults and children across the State of Israel.

​Links to Articles and Videos about Avishai

Interview with Avishai (in Hebrew) on Arutz Hidabrut

YouTube Video: Avishai operating Pulka


Avishai’s Talks and Performances:

  1. Workshop for Children: Telling Stories through Puppets
  2. Presentation for Adults: The Role of My Life – How I Found Myself Through Acting

Avishai’s Contact Information

Email:        Cell/WhatsApp: +972 52-720-3793