Oren Sapir – Jerusalem Expert

Oren Sapir is a Hebrew- English- Spanish tri- lingual guide at numerous archaeological sites of Jerusalem. For more than ten years he has been following the new discoveries in the city and immediately passes the information to the tourists arriving at the sites throughout his tours, leading educational tours for teachers and guides throughout excavation sites. including the City of David, just outside Jerusalem’s Old City. Oren has a B. A. in education and land of Israel studies, is a licensed tour guide by the Ministry of Tourism and is completing his studies for a master’s degree in Jewish history.

Oren regularly lectures on topics related to Jerusalem. His recent talks have included, “Ancient Jewish Coins and their Symbolism”, “Marriage and Divorce in the Mediaval ages in Ashkenaz”, “The Secrets of Jerusalem are being revealed”, “The Temple Mount – What is There?”, “Jeremiah a Prophet at the time of Destruction” and more.

David Ze’ev Jablinowitz – Journalist, and Consultant on Israeli diplomacy

David Ze’ev Jablinowitz has worked for over 30 years reporting in and on Israel, and 25 years as a diplomatic and political correspondent at Israel Radio. He has briefed missions visiting Israel from across North America, and has traveled to the US to speak to university and Jewish audiences.  David has also been a guest on several American talk shows that toured Israel, interviewed on radio stations coast-to-coast. David arrived in Israel from New York in February 1981 straight out of Queens College, where he earned a degree in journalism, soon taking on a position at Israel Radio.  After first anchoring newscasts and hosting science and sports programs, he covered the Demjanjuk war crimes trial in 1987 and ’88. In June 1989, he became Knesset correspondent, and has covered diplomatic and political beats during the terms of Prime Ministers Yitzhak Shamir, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert, and Binyamin Netanyahu. Throughout these years, he’s worked as an Israeli consultant for BBC, Reuters and Sky News, and periodically reports for CBS Radio.

Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom – Ethiopian Rabbi and Scholar

Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom

Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia on his own at the age of nine. He studied at Yeshivat Har Etzion – a Hesder Yeshiva in Alon Shvut – and has rabbinic ordination. He is also a graduate of “Rabbanut Yisraelit”, under the auspices of the Hartman Institute and Oranim College. Serves as a Captain in the IDF Reserves.

Dr. Shalom has a broad education in theology and philosophy. He is a graduate of “Beit Morasha” – a beit midrash and kollel in Jerusalem – and a graduate of Bar Ilan University’s Institute for Advanced Torah Studies, where he was in the Ph.D. student track. He has an M.A. from Bar Ilan University’s Talmud Department, while his final project dealt with the topic of “Circumcision in the Beta Israel Community”. He has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Bar Ilan University’s Department of Jewish Philosophy, while the topic of his doctoral dissertation was “Judaism of Fate – Theology and Religious Practice in the Beta Israel Community”.

He is a senior lecturer at Ono Academic College, teaches at Bar Ilan University, and serves as the Rabbi of the “Kdoshei Israel” community in Kiryat Gat.

In 2012, Dr. Shalom published his book – From Sinai to Ethiopia: the Halachic World and Ethiopian Jewish Thought, which includes “Shulchan Orot” – the halachic guide for the Beta Israel community. It was also translated into English. In addition, he is involved in writing a curriculum on the topic of Ethiopian Jewry and its culture for Jewish educational institutions in the United States.

David Z. Harris, Multimedia Journalist and Writer

David Harris is editor in chief of Clarion Project. He’s reported from countries around the Middle East and North Africa for some of the world’s leading media outlets. Harris began his journalistic career with the BBC, taking in Reuters, Xinhua, Deutsche Welle and others along the way and has managed teams of journalists around the world in the post 9/11 era with a focus on the MENA region.

He is a sought-after lecturer and makes frequent appearances in the electronic and written media as a guest analyst.