Israel Engagers

Our Israel Engagers are experts who connect our community members to what’s really happening in Israel. He or she may be a member of the military, Israel’s high-tech sector, an expert in Israel-Diaspora Relations, active in Israeli politics, a social activist, and so many more Israel-related roles.

Yael Elbaz- IDF Cybersecurity Expert

Racheli Kreisberg – Innovation Expert, Lecturer

Miriam Shapira – Psychologist & Resilience Expert

Pnina Radai – Sippur al HaDerech

Sherry Laness – Trauma & Resilience expert

Ayala Smotrich – Forensic Expert and MDA Volunteer

Hanan Greenwood – Journalist

Aryeh Myers – MADA (Magen David Adom)

Sari Sobovitz- Trauma and Resilience Expert

Dr. Jon Seligman – Israel Antiquities Expert

Ilan Regenbaum- Managing Director – Siftech: The Jerusalem Entrepreneurship Center at Hebrew University

Nati (Natan) Malachi – Television and Film Producer

Benzi Gruber – IDF Br. General (Res.)

Lital Shemesh – Journalist

Leah Hecht – African Refugee Advocate

Jordan Herzberg – Israel Security Expert

Avichai Koch – Gaza Strip Farmer

Akiva Gersh – Israeli and Environmental instructor, musician and Rabbi

Sagit Peretz Deri – Speaker and Political Activist

Dov Maisel – International Rescue Coordinator

Miriam Cieslar – Tour Guide

Tali Kaplinsky Tarlow – Educator and Founder of ScaVentures

Eitan Morell – Tour Guide

Professor Ari Zivotofsky – Biomedical Engineer, Jewish Adventurer and Israel Advocate

Laura Ben David – Writer, Photographer, Social Media & Marketing Consultant

Rabbi Uri Pilichowski – Israel Advocacy

Margalit Frydman – Tour Guide

Oren Sapir – Jerusalem Expert

David Ze’ev Jablinowitz – Journalist, and Consultant on Israeli diplomacy

Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom – Ethiopian Rabbi and Scholar

David Z. Harris, Multimedia Journalist and Writer

Ari Sacher – Lecturer, Rocket Scientist

Michal Campagnano Ayeli – Jewish Historian; Italian Synagogue Museum