Our Arts Ambassadors are creative and devoted professionals of Jewish arts and culture, who engage our community members through music, design, film, media and more. Jewish Arts encourage and allow a unique sense of connection to our collective history and culture in an open, inviting and exciting atmosphere.

Sarit Gizbar – Art Educator

Israel Portnoy – Musician/Songwriter

Limor Amir – Medical Clown

Efrat Shitrit- Confectioner & Chocolatier

Yahav Kriti – “Chef on Wheels”

Ariella Zeitlin- Hoffman – Violinist

Na’ama Meir – Puppeteer/Actress

Avishai Shitrit -Puppeteer/Actor

Ariel Cohen -Musician

Avigayle Adler – Jewish Arts Educator

C.J. Glass – Musician

Einat Kapach – Movie Director and Lecturer

Daniel Yehuda – Musician

Jaime Shear – Sofer Stam and Artist

Ariel Lazarus, PhD – Composer, Guitarist and Researcher of Sephardi Music

Erez Zadok – Graphic Illustrator Graphic Illustrator Erez Zadok

Sheva Chaya Shaiman – Kabbalah Artist and Glass Blower

Akiva Gersh – Israeli and Environmental instructor, musician and Rabbi

Lydia Clem – Judaica, Paper-cut and Watercolors Artist

David Friedman – Artist and Jewish Spiritualist

Reuven Bransburg – Musician and producer

Barak Malichi – Musician, Producer, Songwriter and Teacher

Daniel Brill – Social Media Activist and Beatboxer

Ianir Kilinsky – Musician

Itamar Shiloh – Pianist, Trombonist and Musical Director

Asi Tsobel – Actor, Writer, Children’s TV program producer

Mishael Dickman – Musician, DJ

Renana Minkin – Actress, Director, Psychodrama-Therapist

Geula Twersky – Artist, Educator

Benji Lovitt – Comedian, Educator, Writer