Former IDF Spokesman Captain (Reserves) Barak Raz

Barak Raz during his IDF service
Barak Raz Today

Captain Barak Raz is a reserves officer and spokesman in the Israel Defense Forces. As his final active post, Barak was the Spokesman in the Judea & Samaria Division – the IDF’s largest and most challenging division, responsible for operations in the highly volatile and controversial West Bank, engaging in counter-terrorism

and routine operations to maintain security stability and quality of life for all. As part of the General’s senior staff, Barak devised and implemented a proactive strategic communications policy, partaking in the planning and execution of both strategy and tactical operations for the division, its brigades, and specialized units in an intense, 24/7 setting. All this, while leading the division’s traditional media, social media, and public diplomacy efforts, working with organizations and individuals from Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and around the world, including government officials, the press, NGOs, human rights organizations, civic organizations, academics, and thought leaders. Previously, Barak was the spokesman at IDF Headquarters to the North American press.

Throughout his professional and academic career, Barak acquired in-depth expertise on the endless complexities and nuances of the greater Israeli-Arab conflict, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in particular.

Barak shares from his experiences in order to create dynamic and thought-provoking discussions about the various dilemmas facing Israeli leadership in a constantly evolving arena: war and terrorism, regional instability and shifting tides, arms and technology proliferation, the delicate yet crucial balance between security and quality of life, morality and ethics on the battlefield, the importance of public opinion in the face of increased challenges to legitimacy including lawfare, and the multitude of security threats facing Israel – hard and soft, big and small, near and far.

Barak continues to serve as a spokesman in reserves as an Executive Officer in the Foreign Press Branch at IDF Headquarters. Originally from Queens, New York, Barak lives in Tel Aviv since 2006. He has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management (2018) through a joint program between Northwestern and Tel Aviv Universities, an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from Tel Aviv University (2011), and a BA in Political Science, Judaic Studies, and International Studies from Binghamton University (2005).

You can download Barak’s full bio here.

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