Rabbi Jaron Engelmeyer

Rabbi Engelmeyer serves as a community rabbi in Karmiel, in
the north of Israel, and loves to excite people with Shiurim
and Torah thoughts.
He grew up in Switzerland (his father served as Rabbi and
Chazan in Bern), and after studying in Israel and serving in
the IDF he worked for 10 years as a Rabbi in several communities in Germany. Rabbi Engelmeyer believes his main purpose is to reach out to Jews wherever they are and connect
them to Jewish life and identity, especially the youth.
Five years ago he and his family decided to move back to Israel, where the Shlichut continues.

Rabbanit Chamutal Shuval

Rabbanit Chamutal Shuval

Rabbanit Chamutal Shuval, teaches halcha and is also studying for her ordination at Ohr Torah Stone’s Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL) at Midreshet Lindenbaum. Rabbanit Shuval also teaches and gives lessons at Lindenbaum and in a number of communities. She also receives and answers various questions in Jewish Law.

In the past, Rabbanit Shuval worked in the media editing and writing for Judaic programs that were aired by Israel’s Channel 1.

Rabbanit Shuval is married and a mother of 5 and lives in Neve Daniel, in the Gush Eztion block.

Rabbanit Shira Mirvis

Rabbanit Shira Mervis

Rabbanit Shira Mirvis studies and is a fellow of Ohr Torah Stone’s Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL) at Midreshet Lindenbaum. where she also teaches Jewish Law.

Rabbanit Mirvis holds a Bachelor of Psychology. She has worked in many communites overseas through the Jewish Agency’s Department of Zionist Seminars. She also traveled with her family for a two-year post in Los Angeles, as part of the Jewish Agency and Bnei Akiva. For the past decade, Rabbanit Mirvis has been studying and teaching Torah and Oral Law in various Midrashot (schools). Rabbanit Mirvis lives in Efrat together with her huband Shlomo, and their five children.

Rabbi Benjy Myers

Rabbi Benjy Myers

Rabbi Benjy Myers is a native of the UK, spending his teenage years in London and other parts of his childhood in Israel and Australia before making Aliyah with his wife, Ayelet, in 2000. He holds a degree in Jewish Studies from the London School of Jewish Studies (University of London), a teaching diploma from the Herzog Teachers’ Training College and Semicha from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate.

The Myers family – Ayelet, Benjy and their six children – spent five years on shlichut in Dallas, TX, before returning to Israel where they now live as members of Kibbutz Migdal Oz.

Rabbi Myers serves as the Director of Education in Ohr Torah Stone’s Straus-Amiel | Beren-Amiel Institute, training rabbis and educators in Israel for leadership positions throughout the Jewish world, and has also served as a chazzan in numerous communities in Israel, the USA, UK and Northern Ireland.

An experienced and accomplished educator, Rabbi Myers blends knowledge, a passion for teaching and a healthy dose of humour into his sermons and lectures.