Rabbi Shimshon Nadel

 Rabbi Shimshon HaKohen Nadel lives and teaches in Jerusalem, where he serves as rabbi of Kehilat Zichron Yosef.

His articles on Jewish Law & History have appeared in TehuminHakirahThe Journal of Halacha & Contemporary SocietySegulaKol ha-TorahKolmus, the Jerusalem Post, and the Jewish Press. He is also the author of “Medina & Halacha – Exploring the Jewish State through the lens of Jewish Law,” a popular weekly column looking at contemporary issues in Israel. A regular guest on Kol Yisrael, Rabbi Nadel offers up inspiration for the Israeli FM radio listening audience.

Before moving to Israel in 2009, Rabbi Nadel served as a rabbi in Nebraska and Connecticut. He studied at Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary under his rebbe and mentor, HaRav Moshe Dovid Tendler.

A sought after lecturer, Rabbi Nadel has served as scholar in residence for communities all over the world. Culling from sources throughout our rich literature, his classes display his depth of thought and breadth of scholarship, and are always full of wit, wisdom, and inspiration.

An accomplished musician, Rabbi Nadel has toured internationally as a solo act and along with his band. His highly acclaimed CD, Achas Shoalti – One Thing I Ask, a high-energy hybrid of rock, pop, folk, and blues, has been called by critics, “passionate rock n’ roll for the soul.”

Chana Kremer – Theater Producer and Jewish Educator

Hannah holds a degree in the History of the

Jewish People, Literature, Judaism and Bible, and has also studied psychodrama.

She has been involved for over a decade through the Psik Theater in leading adult drama groups, as well as producing youth and children’s theater productions in schools.

As well as leading workshops for creative writing, poetry and prose for youth and adults, Hannah has published two books of poetry called “42 Journeys” and “The Mountain is a Love Affair”

In 2014 she won the “Teacher of the State” award given by Israel’s Ministry of Education.

Nati (Natan) Malchi – Producer

Nati Malachi – Producer

Born in Israel, Nati is an expert in Jewish Tourism around the world and in Israel. He is the owner of the production company “Nati Hafakot” and the executive producer of the TV documentary show “Worldwide Jew” (Yehudi Olami). The series presents different exotic and small Jewish communities around the world. He is an experienced lecturer on Jewish communities around the world, including subjects such as the “Jewish Pirates” and the “Jews of the Amazon”.

Nati also lectures about the fall of the Jewish Quarter during Israel’s War of Independence, in which talks about Jewish Heroism.

Nati also organizes Kosher cruises around the Mediterranean Sea and is an expert event organizer.