Meet the Jewish Community of Santa Fe

A conversation with Mrs. Naomi Israel, President of the Congregation Kol BeRamah

A Virtual Visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico, is one of the oldest capital cities in North America (sharing its founding date with St. Augustine and Montreal). Santa Fe became a major tourist spot in the early 1900s, as people traveled out west by train. Jewish merchants have long played a historical role in town, with various myths about how a Tetragrammaton ended up on the front door of the cathedral downtown. The city is well known for its thriving art scene, its summer opera programs and its unique cuisine.

In the 1940s, Los Alamos National Laboratory was established as a home for the Manhattan Project, and scientists were brought out to work in this secret location. “The Lab” still is a hub of scientific research and innovation, and today, many Jewish scientists and researchers make their homes in Santa Fe, and “go up the hill” to Los Alamos on their daily commute. Continue reading “Meet the Jewish Community of Santa Fe”

A Conversation with Dr. Ariel Lazarus, Composer, Guitarist, Lecturer

Dr. Ariel Lazarus is a Composer, Classical Guitarist, Music Lecturer, and the conductor and co-founder of the Israeli Ladino Orchestra. He is very active in the composition and study of Jewish-Spanish music, and holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Music at Bar Ilan University. His works are published under the Israeli Music Institute, and was recorded for the European label Smoothfactor. He performs with many bands in Israel and abroad.

Ariel teaches at the Givat Washington College of Education near Yavne, and at the Rimon School of Music in Ramat Hasharon. He received creative scholarships from Israel’s Association of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers, and the from Israel National Lottery Council for Culture and art as a composer and performer. You can hear Ariel’s music at his website, Continue reading “A Conversation with Dr. Ariel Lazarus, Composer, Guitarist, Lecturer”

OTS Amiel BaKehila Celebrates its 100th Delegation

This week, OTS Amiel BaKehila celebrated the departure of its 100th delegation, as Rabbi Jaron Engelmeyer, Gaza border farmer Avichai Koch, and Educational Artist Sarit Gizbar departed for an eight-day delegation to Vienna, Basel and Bratislava. We are deeply gratified to have such wonderful partner communities who warmly welcome our delegations, and such incredible artists, educators and speakers, who have brought their talents, wisdom and knowledge to Jews of all ages in communities around the world!