Eitan Morell – Tour Guide

After Eitan Morell served in the IDF as a tank gunner, he studied Middle Eastern and Jewish history at Bar Ilan University. He is a licensed tour guide, and lives in Talmon with his wife and six children.

Among the topics Eitan will discuss are:
Jerusalem of Gold – the Iconic Song by Naomi Shemer
This lecture will delve more deeply into the song to gain a deeper understanding of the depth of the song and more importantly a deeper understanding of the depth of Jerusalem

The Gaon of Vilna in Jerusalem
The Gaon of Vila was never in Jerusalem but through his disciples he left a deep impression that is felt strongly even today in modern Israel. This lecture will deal the reestablishment of the Ashkenazi Jewish community in Jerusalem by his disciples.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Davids Court
This lecture deals with fascinating connections between Jerusalem and America. We will “meet” the first American Consul in Jerusalem and learn of his conversion to Judaism. We will hear of the connection between Jerusalem and the battle of Bunker Hill as well as of Americans who played a role in the defense of Jerusalem and the establishment of Israel in 1948

The Divided City
Between 1948 and 1967 the city of Jerusalem was divided by an international border known in Jerusalem as the “City Line”. This lecture will tell the story of life on that line. An understanding of Jerusalem in those early years will give us a true appreciation of the unified city we have today.

The Road to Jerusalem
Ben Gurion understood that there can be Jerusalem without a Jewish State but there can not be a Jewish State without Jerusalem. The key to holding Jerusalem was the road that led to it. This lecture deals with the tremendous efforts made to protect and hold that road.

A Year in the Life a State: Nov 1947- Nov 1948
This deals with understanding the major events of this fateful year. This lecture will give us a better understanding of the ups downs of the year and the various critical moments throughout the year that ultimately led to the miraculous survival of the State of Israel. We will pay special attention to events as they played out in Jerusalem.

Archeology and Politics in Jerusalem
Jerusalem is the home of many archaeological excavations and the City of David in particular has had more excavations per meter then perhaps anywhere else in the world. The ramifications of the excavations have played a role on all sides of the political conflict in Jerusalem. This lecture will help us understand what the major issue are surrounding these findings and how they play out on the stage of modern global politics.

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