Sagit Peretz Deri – Speaker and Activist

Sagit Peretz Deri is an Israeli speaker and activist in the areas of Judaism, feminism, Israeli politics, Mizrachi culture and Sephardic Halachah. A real-estate lawyer by profession, she works to promote inclusion of Mizrachi representation, culture and tradition within the larger religious community in Israel, as we as for greater inclusion of women in traditional Jewish frameworks. She has spoken at numerous forums and educational institutions, including at Tel Aviv University and for Israel’s Ministry of Education.

Peretz-Deri has written for Ha’aretz, Mekor Rishon, and other Israeli newspapers and websites, and has appeared on Israeli television and radio (Channels 1, 2, 10, Army Radio, and others) to discuss Judaism, women, socio-economics and the ethnic gap in Israel. In 2014,  in an effort to bring a feminist and Mizrachi viewpoint to the traditional political class,  Sagit served as the founding Chairwoman of the Womens’ Forum of the Bayit Hayehudi political party. Sadly, she failed to find a receptive audience for her message of inclusion, and subsequently publicly left the party a year later.

In addition to her law degree, she also holds a Masters Degree in Advanced Talmud from Bar Ilan University.

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