Sherry Laness – Trauma & Resilience expert

Sherry Laness – Trauma & Resilience Expert

Sherry Laness has a MA in Jewish education and taught in Hebrew Schools and Day Schools in the US before making aliyah in 1981.  During her first year in Israel she worked in a kibbutz with newborn calves and then taught English.  Twenty years ago she was certified as a workshop facilitator and became one of the first personal coaches in Israel.   Sherry is also an expert in Jewish coaching (Psychology of Judaism).

After Israelis who had lived in Gush Katif were evacuated during the disengagement from the Gaza Strip, Sherry was called upon by Mahut Israel to help them rebuild their lives and define new desires and new dreams. 

During quiet periods and also during wars and times of terrorist attacks, Sherry has trained teaching staffs in resilience and coping techniques.

Sherry is a mentor in the program “From Age-ing to Sage-ing®”, which presents a new model of senior years as potentially being a time of emerging wisdom and achieving full maturity and inner peace. 

And finally, she is trained to create and lead a Havurah, (a study group where each person is seen and heard).  Using methods that empower heart to heart communication with Jewish texts, people experience the joy of learning and connecting to each other and even to the Heart of the Universe.

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