Rabbi Chaim Kanterovitz

Rabbi Chaim KanterovitzRav Chaim Kanterovitz is the newly appointed Senior Rabbinic International Educator at Ohr Torah Stone leading the Department of International Rabbinic Connections.

He has served in the Rabbinate for over twenty years in the United Kingdom and South Africa where he has led communities outreach and Educational organizations and institutions most recently as the Senior Rav of the largest Orthodox Community in the UK Borehamwood numbering some 1500 families. 

Rav Chaim studied at Yeshivot in Israel where he received his Rabbinic Ordination amongst them Yeshivat Har Etzion where he completed his army service in the Hesder programme. He holds a B.A in Psychology and International Politics and an MA in Jewish Studiesa, and is also currently studying towards Dayyanut (advanced rabbinic ordination).

A dynamic and vibrant speaker and a sought-after educator and scholar in residence around the world, Rav Chaim is also the founding director of OMEK, and exciting new initiative which offers an unprecedented in-depth experience of communal and personal growth through Torah and Eretz Yisrael.

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