OTS Amiel Bakehila Partner Profile – Laura Ben David

Writer, Photographer, Social Media & Marketing Consultant

Moving to Israel changed my life in a most profound way. In fact, Israel and my aliyah experience continues to influence and inspire me. From the moment I arrived in Israel from Boca Raton, Florida seventeen years ago, I’ve been writing about it and never stopped. From my book, MOVING UP: An Aliyah Journal, to hundreds of articles, I’ve used the written word as a vehicle to share the beauty, the complexity, the ingenuity and so much more of this special land I am lucky enough to live in.

As my career transitioned from marketing professional to include a photographer and social media consultant, as a vocal Israel advocate it was a natural progression to public speaker and presenter.

I work as director of marketing for an organization called Shavei Israel that works with lost and hidden Jews around the world who wish to reconnect with their roots. One group we work with is Polish Jews, specifically those whose Jewish parents or grandparents hid their Jewishness after the Holocaust and only now their secrets are being revealed, resulting in thousands around Poland newly discovering their Jewish heritage.

Having gone on the very first OTS Amiel BaKehila delegation to Poland in April 2018, I was thrilled to connect with rabbis and community members in person not just as a delegation member, but as someone who’d been in touch with them – and cared deeply about them – through my work at Shavei Israel. This unique experience, including the relationships cultivated there, has stayed with me until today.

As a writer, I naturally wrote about the experience which enabled me to take what was an incredibly meaningful opportunity for me, and what I felt was extremely positive for the Polish communities we visited, and then expand it to become an inspirational narrative for the wider Jewish public. To me, that is an absolute win.

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