OTS Amiel Bakehila Partner Profile:

Ianir Kilinski – Musician

As a multi-instrumentalist musician, I travel the world collecting unique experiences and instruments, participating in educational shows and events in Israel and around the world.

I participate in OTS Amiel BaKehila delegations to nurture and help strengthen the special connection that exists between all Jews and our history. In my recitals, I perform concerts that utilize music to traverse the history and the people of Israel; from our leaving Egypt, to our arrival in Israel, we travel through the Diaspora and its music and finally culminates in the return to our Land.

Beautiful things happen to me on every trip. I remember especially my last trip, the first OTS Amiel BaKehila delegation to Palma de Mallorca, Spain. A woman there told us that the place where she feels her neshamah – her soul – belongs, is Tekoa, a beautiful village near Jerusalem. Amazingly, the delegation leader, Rabbi Gulman, lives there. When she heard this, the woman cried tears of joy. This experience reminded me what a great privilege it is to be living in Eretz Israel. There are many people who want and dream every day of coming home, and it is something that I sometimes take for granted. This experience made me appreciate my aliyah and my land even more.

What happens during our delegations is very meaningful. I am truly amazed at the connection people have with their Judaism, even though the reality of the Diaspora is not easy. These people maintain so much sweetness.

My message to our communities is that just as music has accompanied us throughout our history, so too we must continue to accompany each other, feeling united, strengthened and mutually supportive. From my travels I have learned the importance of being together, supporting and listening to one another.

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