Oren Sapir – Jerusalem Expert

Oren Sapir is a Hebrew- English- Spanish tri- lingual guide at numerous archaeological sites of Jerusalem. For more than ten years he has been following the new discoveries in the city and immediately passes the information to the tourists arriving at the sites throughout his tours, leading educational tours for teachers and guides throughout excavation sites. including the City of David, just outside Jerusalem’s Old City. Oren has a B. A. in education and land of Israel studies, is a licensed tour guide by the Ministry of Tourism and is completing his studies for a master’s degree in Jewish history.

Oren regularly lectures on topics related to Jerusalem. His recent talks have included, “Ancient Jewish Coins and their Symbolism”, “Marriage and Divorce in the Mediaval ages in Ashkenaz”, “The Secrets of Jerusalem are being revealed”, “The Temple Mount – What is There?”, “Jeremiah a Prophet at the time of Destruction” and more.

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