Lydia Clem – Judaica, Paper-cut and Watercolors Artist

Lydia was born in the Ukraine and studied for a B.A. degree in Art Education in Vladimir, Russia. The artistic languages she express herself in are various kinds of art, including paper-cuts, painting in both oil and watercolor, portraits, nature scenes, sculpting, as well as piano and vocals. She made aliyah to Israel in 1995. Lydia discovered paper-cutting almost by accident, when she was a Hebrew student at the Ulpan. In the last few years, she continued to develop in this unique field. Her works are displayed in exhibitions and purchased by art collectors world-wide. Paper-cuts contain a rich internal wealth, displaying religious texts alongside symbols. With the years she has experienced, via paper-cutting, a process of development and personal discovery of new and creative possibilities, while still treasuring the ancient traditions in her work.

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