Hanan Greenwood – Journalist

Hanan Greenwood – Journalist

Hanan Greenwood is an Israeli journalist who has been covering events and  provocative issues in Israeli society for many years .

Hanan grew up in Kiryat Arba, near the city of Hebron, during the first and second intifada. In his military service, he served as a fighter in the “Merkava” tank. Among other things, he fought as part of a tank ambulance team during the Second Lebanon War.

He graduated with honors from the University of Ariel in Samaria. He took part in the establishment of the newspaper “Shvi’i”. He then served as editor of the “Kipa” website, which addresses the National Religious audience, and later worked as the head of the news desk on the “nrg” website of the “Makor Rishon” newspaper. In recent years he has been editing the Soldiers’ Channel and the Jewish Channel on the “Israel Hayom” newspaper and on the website .

Over the years, Hanan has revealed quite a few stories and dealt with the core areas of the State of Israel. As a writer and editor in the field of Judaism, he has worked extensively on coverage of anti-Semitic events in the world and in the fields of Religion and State, including issues around the Western Wall, in the field of conversion, a arguments around the work being done on Shabbat, issues in ultra-Orthodox society and more.

In his work as a military journalist, he deals extensively with the IDF’s Special Units, including interviewing fighters and officers in Rescue Unit 669, participating in classified exercises and being exposed to behind-the-scenes activities of the Israel Defense Forces.

Hanan also has extensive knowledge of the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As one who grew up in the Kiryat Arba settlement, he was exposed to a few attacks. As a journalist, Hanan has encountered quite a few terrorist scenes,  and he has covered the issue from both sides; as a journalist and as a resident of the region.


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