Dr. Jon Seligman- Israel Antiquities Expert

Presently the Director of the Excavations, Surveys and Research Department of the Israel Antiquities Authority, Dr. Seligman served for twelve years as the Jerusalem Regional Archaeologist and six as a research archaeologist.  Dr. Seligman studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and University College London, receiving his doctorate (summa-cum-laude) from Haifa University on the subject of the ‘Rural Hinterland of Jerusalem during the Byzantine period’. Jon has directed some thirty excavations in Jerusalem, Bet Shean, in the Carmel Mountains and recently to uncover the remains of the Great Synagogue of Vilna (Lithuania) and has published widely, including three books (on the Temple Mount, the Holy Sepulchre and the Roman farm at Nahal Haggit), and numerous chapters and articles in refereed books, journals and other publications. He also participated in the planning team for the Master Plan for the city and Old City of Jerusalem.

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