Benzi Gruber – IDF Br. General (Res.)

Brigadier General Bentzi Gruber is Vice Commander (reserves)
of Division 252, an armored division of 20,000 soldiers. As an entrepreneur, he
has established Internet startups, been a real-estate developer and initiated
biotech research.  He is founder of “Chesed in the Field,” a non-profit
that brings together IDF reservists and chronically ill and disabled children
for special events throughout the year instilling the values of community and
social responsibility in the hearts of thousands of soldiers.  Gen. Gruber
also established “Ethics in the Field” to shatter myths and present the facts
missing in today’s discussion of Israeli counter terrorism.

Gruber lectures
(weekly) on ethics, social responsibility and leadership to IDF commanders and
officers across Israel, in order to ensure that the IDF remains the most
ethical army in the world. His commitment and dedication to education has had a
profound impact on thousands of soldiers in the Israeli military.

A graduate of Yeshivat Har Etzion and the Jerusalem
Institute of Technology (Machon Lev), Gruber received a PhD from the The
International University of Business and Law (London).  He has spoken at
national conferences, community events, synagogues, military academies, college
campuses, and middle and high schools around the world.

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