Ayala Smotrich – Forensic Expert and MDA Volunteer

Ayala Smotrich Forensic Expert

Ayala Smotrich has volunteers for Magen David Adom from the tender age of fifteen. Over the years she has attended a wide variety of training seminars and for the past four years has served as a volunteer coordinator where she is responsible for and supervises all of the volunteers that work in her station.

Ayala holds a B.Sc in molecular biology from Ariel University and an M.A in criminology with a focus on forensic science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Since 2016, Ayala has been employed as a crime investigator in the Forensics Department of the Israeli Police. Over the past year and a half, she has been working to combine her job and her volunteering with MDA by promoting a joint venture which provides MDA personnel with a better understanding of police protocols on a crime scene. This effort works to increase the MDA personnel’s level of awareness of police procedures without hindering their lifesaving work.

Ayalah lectures widely on the topics of evidence gathering at a crime scene to different police professionals. She also gives training to emergency responders to teach them how to give lifesaving treatment without compromising crime scene evidence. 


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