Ariella Zeitlin- Hoffman – Violinist

Ariella Zeitlin – Violinist

Ariella Zeitlin-Hoffman is a world renowned violinist, known for her “unique abilities to inspire audiences with a blend of humour, beatboxing, technology, the sweetest voice I ever heard, and classical virtuoso violin playing of the highest caliber”. Born in Baltimore MD, she was accepted to the esteemed Peabody School of Music at the age of 8, where she began her solo career under the guidance of Mellasenah Edwards. Performing with orchestras from the age of 10, she flew to Japan for her first international tour at the age of 13.

She moved to Israel at the age of 17, to study under the best teachers in the country, and quickly was accepted into the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where she studied with the demanding Michael Gaisler. Under his guidance, she won competitions both in her degree program, and internationally, chosen from a list of hundreds to be flown to Montecito, California to attend the Music Academy of the West in 2009. In 2010 she was invited to attend the Perlman Music Program in Jerusalem, as a representative of the JAMD, and she was awarded many prizes and scholarships from the JAMD in order to continue her studies.

In 2011, she was awarded a highly coveted scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation prize to continue on to her M. Mus, and she began performing and gaining a following in recital halls around Israel. She completed her M. Mus in 2013, and was flown a week later by the World Zionist Organization to London to perform for a crowd of hundreds on their “Night to Honor Israel”, to the delight of the crowd. She returned to Jerusalem to teach and perform, most notably performing the Mendellsohn Violin Concerto while 9 months pregnant with her second child. In November 2014, she was flown to Toronto to perform at a gala for Yad Vashem, where $2.6 million was raised for their educational programs. In January 2015 she launched, a wildly popular website combining tutorial videos for playing popular songs on the violin, covers of popular songs, and a witty blog with helpful articles for striving violinists.

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