And They’re Off!

After two and half months of intensive work, our first delegations are on their way – with more to follow soon. This has not been an easy feat to pull off but we are excited that our months of hard work and planning have come to fruition.

In honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut we have sent our first delegation to Poland. Our first delegation is comprised of Rav Boaz Pash – our delegation leader who will be returning to Poland for more trips during the year. Israel Engager Laura Ben David will talk about the ultimate Israel Experience making Aliya and living in Israel, and Mishael Dickman, musician extraordinaire will perform as well as run music workshops in Jewish schools and youth groups. The trip begins at the Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations in Warsaw, Poland. From there they will travel to Brotzlov and then on to Lodz, finishing once again in Warsaw. Throughout the trip our delegation will focus on the topic of Israel Independence day.

But that is not all…

A second delegation departs Israel for South America this week, and will also focus on Yom Ha’atzmaut. Participating in this group is delegation leader, Rabbi Roni Gurwicz; singer, Ianir Kalinsky; and Israeli Entrepeneur, Gustavo Junovitz. They will be traveling to Argentina and Uruguay: Montevideo, Bahia Blanca, and Tucuman.

Over the coming week, we will post updates about both delegations on our Facebook page.

Our next delegations will follow at the end of May with two delegations to North America (to Ottawa, Canada, West Hartford, CT and Buffalo, NY, as well as to Charleston, NC, Cherry Hill, NJ and New Orleans, LA) and two more to Latin America.

We are also excited to see our list of partners grow day by day as more and more people take interest in being part of strengthening Jewish communities around the world.

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