Renana Minkin – Actress, Director, Psychodrama-Therapist

Renana Minkin – Actress/Psychodrama

Renana Minkin, works as an Actress, a director a writer and a psychodrama therapist. She is currently showcasing her latest one woman show “Hello, are you from the Holocaust?” which she has presented to many schools and communities in and outside of Israel. She has worked with youth in and outside of the school framework, using drama to help express and deal with their inner conflicts. She currently resides with her family in Elazar.


Ari Sacher – Lecturer, Rocket Scientist

Ari Sacher is a Rocket Scientist, and has worked in the design and development of missiles for over twenty years. He has briefed hundreds of US Congressmen on Israeli Missile Defense, including two briefings on Capitol Hill at the invitation of House Majority Leader. He speaks regularly for the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Ari is a highly requested speaker at AIPAC events, enabling even the layman to understand the “rocket science”, and his speaking events are regularly sold-out. Ari has also been a scholar in residence in numerous synagogues in the USA and Canada. He is a riveting speaker, using his experience in the defense industry to explain the Torah in a way that is simultaneously enlightening and entertaining. Ari came on aliya from the USA in 1982. He studied at Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh, and then spent seven years studying at the Technion. Since 2001 he has published a weekly parasha shiur that is read around the world. Ari lives in Moreshet in the Western Galil along with his wife and eight children.

The Whole Picture

Creating a new program like building a puzzle: you’re working towards the whole picture piece by piece part by part. And each part is made up of more parts. The communities, the delegations, the programs.

It is a process of growing and learning.

Happily though, the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place. We have successfully closed with communities in Latin America, North America, and Europe. We are slowly finding the people to work in the programs. We are meeting and interviewing potential delegation leaders, we are talking to and amassing a list of interested artists and speakers in a variety of fields and interests. We are working our way through nitty gritty details and bureaucracy that can’t be avoided.

And slowly a picture is emerging. And it is exciting to see it take shape.

We hope to have our first delegations up and running around Pesach time and on their way sometime soon afterwards.

We look forward to our new experiences in your communities, and look forward to seeing the picture that will soon emerge.

Michal Campagnano Ayeli – Jewish Historian; Italian Synagogue Museum

Michal Ayali- Tour Guide, Historian, Eduacator

Michal Campagnano Ayali was born in Jerusalem. Michal works as a guide in the field of History and the Land of Israel. She worked in the Maapilim Museum in Atlit for several years as a guide and director of programing. Today she works in the  Italian Synagogue Museum as a guide and for their Marketing and Public Relations Dept.

She is also an experienced Halachic instructor for brides to be and has studied in various Halachic programs.

Today she lives in Neve Daniel, Gush Etzion with her husband and children.