Our Educators


Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider

New Orleans, LA, Charleston, SC and Cherry Hill, NJ

Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider served for twenty years in pulpits in Florida and New York, before his aliyah to Israel in 2012.  He is author of two books: ‘The Light That Unites‘ which focuses on Chanukah, and ‘The Night That Unites Haggadah’ (Urim Press) and ‘ לילה של אחדות ’ (Yediot Achronot Press) which highlights the teachings of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, Rabbi Isaac HaKohen Kook and Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach on the Passover Seder.  He is also the founding director of the “In Our Hearts Project” which is dedicated to being a resource in the Jewish community for families that have experienced the loss of a child.  Contact Rabbi Goldscheider

Rabbi Reuven Spolter

Buffalo, NY, Ottawa, Ontario and West Hartford, CT

Raised in Silver Spring, MD, Reuven Spolter served as the rabbi of the Young Israel of Oak Park in Michigan until his aliyah in 2008. He then served as a Judaic studies instructor and Academic Coordinator of the Elkana Campus of the Orot College of Education from 2008 until 2018. Rabbi Spolter also serves as the Shorashim Coordinator for English-speaking countries for Irgun Rabbanei Tzohar. A graduate of Yeshiva University with an MA in Secondary Jewish Education and Rabbinic Ordination from the Rabbi Isaac Elchonon Theological Seminary, he has taught and lectured to groups of all ages in communities around the world. Rabbi Spolter lives with his family in Yad Binyamin, Israel. Contact Rabbi Spolter

Rabbi Gideon Sylvester – Europe

Rabbi Gideon Sylvester is the British United Synagogue’s rabbi in Israel. He has worked as an adviser on Diaspora affairs at the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel and taught Jewish approaches to Human Rights to Israeli students at the Hebrew University. Rabbi Gideon is currently writing his doctorate at Bar Ilan University and teaching at a Midrasha for religious women studying Torah and the Arts and at the Secular Yeshiva. Prior to making aliya, Rabbi Gideon served as rabbi of Radlett United Synagogue, developing it from an embryonic community into Britain’s fastest growing Modern Orthodox synagogue.  Rabbi Gideon contributes to the Times of Israel, Jerusalem Post and Jewish Chronicle. He performs weddings across Israel and guides groups in Poland.

Rabbi Avi Scharf

Rabbi Avi Scharf served as the rabbi of the Alei Tzion synagogue in London, England, the Rosh Kollel of Kollel Torah MiTzion of Emmanuel College in London, and a distinguished lecturer at the London School of Jewish Studies. In addition, he served as the campus Rabbi at Cornell University in Ithica New York. Ordained by Israel’s Chief Rabbinate, Rabbi Scharf served in the IDF and is a graduate of The Amiel Institute’s Rabbinic Training Program. Contact Rabbi Scharf

Rav Boaz Pash

Warsaw, Wroclaw, Lodz

Born in Jerusalem, Rav Boaz Pash studied in various Yeshivot and received his Rabbinical ordination of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. He has served as Rabbi in Kiev, Lisbon, Krakow and Poland and taught at numerous Israeli Secondary Schools. Rav Boaz currently leads the kollel of Yeshivat Machanaim of Ohr Torah Stone, which prepares rabbis to serve in the Diaspora. He has published several books and articles and speaks Hebrew, English, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Yiddish.

Rabbi Israel Diament

Monterrey, Cancun, Guatemala

Born in Uruguay, Rabbi Israel Diament has a doctorate in Philosophy and Ethics from the Technological University of Monterrey and Rabbinic Ordination from Yeshiva Beit Midrash Sephardi of Jerusalem. He served as the Rabbi for the Jewish Community of Monterrey, Mexico and worked as a teacher at the Ohr Torah Stone – Emuna Institute of Conversion. He is currently working on the translating Rabbi Eliezer Melamed’s books on Halacha and is studying to be a tour guide.  Contact Rabbi Diament

Rabbi Aharon Gulman

Quito, Lima and Bogota

Born in Argentina, Rabbi Aharon Gelman studied at the Buenos Aires’ Teacher’s College and received his Rabbinical Ordination from the Ariel College in Jerusalem. He was the director of the Mount Sinai school in Mexico, General Director of the Ramat Shalom Community in Israel and Rabbi of Monterrey and the Yavne Community in Mexico City. Rabbi Gelman, currently teaches in Spanish speaking Midrashot and Yeshivot in Jerusalem and provides online courses on a range of Jewish topics of general interest. Contact Rabbi Gelman.

Rabbi Rony Gurwicz

Montevideo, Tucumán and Bahía Blanca

Born in Brazil, Rabbi Rony Gurwicz studied Education at the Hertzog College. He has Rabbinical Ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and studied to be a Couples Counselor at the Emuna College. In the past he served as Rabbi of the Bnei Akiva and Bar Ilan Community of Rio de Janero – and is currently the director of the study program for women in Latin America at Midreshet Lindenbaum. Contact Rabbi Gurwicz.

Rabbi Abraham Dahab 

Bethlehem, Manaus and Porto Alegre

Born in Brazil, Rabbi Abraham Dahab studied Social Work at Bar Ilan University and did his rabbinical studies at Yeshivat Hakotel in Jerusalem. In the past Rabbi Abraham worked as a social worker in different organizations in Israel and taught in the Latin program of Yeshivat Hakotel. He is currently a Rabbi of the Bar Ilan community in Rio de Janeiro where he works mainly with young people and children, in formal and non-formal education.