Miriam Shapira – Psychologist & Resilience Expert

Miriam Shapira – Psychologist & Resilience Expert

Miriam Shapira, MA, is a clinical psychologist and therapist to individuals and families, with a private practice in Karnei Shomron, Israel, where she places special emphasis on situations of trauma and grief.

Miria m is the founder and Director of MAHUT Israel, an international center for coping and resilience to threat and trauma, in a systemic and community level. Communities, like individuals and organizations, live in a dynamic and challenging environment. MAHUT’s talented staff helps strengthen community resilience both in routine and during times of emergency, helping them successfully cope with challenging crises and situations, and even grow out from them. MAHUT utilizies a multidisciplinary approach in all sectors of Israeli society, in order to empower communities, organizations and individuals, thereby strengthening the entire Israeli resilience network.

Miriam is also a founding member and first chairperson of BESOD SIACH, a group aimed at promoting dialogue as a means to resolve conflict between different groups in Israel.

Pnina Radai – Sippur al HaDerech

Pnina Radai -Ethiopian Activist

Pnina Radai immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia during Operation “Moses” in 1984 with her grandparents.
After graduating from high school she served in the IDF for seven years as an officer and completed her services with the rank of captain.

Pnina has a B.A. in Communications and Sociology from Tel Aviv University and an M.A. in
Non-Profit Management and Social Organizations from Hebrew University. She specializes in non-profit organizations, the public sector and group leadership.

Today Pnina works as a Director of Training programs at the Government National School for Leadership and Management which is part of the CSC – Israel civil service.

Pnina has volunteered with various programs that promote the Ethiopian Community over the last twenty years. For the past six years, she has volunteered in a unique program called “Sippur Al HaDerech” which means “a story about the journey”. Sippur al Haderech is a grassroots initiative that connects Israelis of various backgrounds with the story of the Ethiopian Jewish community. They also organize evenings for individuals and small groups where Ethiopian volunteers share their personal stories with audiences across the country.

During the course of the delegation, Pnina will share her story—and that of the Ethiopian community in Israel—with your community.

Efrat Shitrit- Confectioner & Chocolatier

Efrat Shitrit is a confection baker and chocolatier. After studying baking in Hadassah College, she worked as a private baker and caterer. Five years ago, Efrat opened her own business called “Sameach BaMitbach” (Happy in the Kitchen) bringing the fun and excitement of baking and chocolate making to groups, homes and groups across Israel.

Over the past summer, Efrat served as the official baker for Camp Moshava in the United States, serving 1,400 hungry campers each day

1 Month (November 2019), 3 Continents, 13 delegations, 39 Communities

After taking a well-deserved break for the holidays, we’re back at full speed, excited that over the coming month 13 delegations will visit 39 communities on 3 continents!

Over the coming month, seven delegations travel to Latin America. For example, in addition to the talented Jewish educators traveling to each community, Hi-tech expert Daniel Ben Shimon will visit the communities of Parana, Santa Fe and Rosario, Argentina. Dani Limor, a former Mossad agent, will speak in Montevideo, San Juan and Bahia Blanca. Journalist Jana Beris will speak in Cordoba, Salta and Tucuman.

In the United Kingdom, Ethiopian activist Penina Redai joins Chef Yahav Kriti and Rabbi Reuven Spolter. In France, the communities of the Marseilles region welcome Marc Amouyal and technology and investment expert Bruno Malki. We also send our inagural delegation to Spain, as Rav Aharon Gulman accompanies hasbarah expert Gustavo Perednick and musician Ianir Kilinsky to Tormolinos, Barcelon and Palma de Majorca.

In the United States, resilience expert Miriam Shapira and actor Assi Tzobel travel with Rabbi Chaim Kanterovitz to Providence, Columbus and Kansas City, while photographer and writer Laura Ben David joins Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider as they visit San Antonia, Santa Fe and Long Branch. 

All in all, it’s a very busy and rewarding month, and our delegations share the depth of Judaism, the wonder of modern Israel, and the beauty of Jewish art in its myriad forms.

We wish all of you safe travels, as we wish all of OTS Amiel BaKehila delegates and partners meaningful and powerful experiences together over the coming autumn months.